Success Elzatta Pamer Hijab Clothing Collection in New York

Elzatta recently held a fashion show his latest collection on Saturday (30/05/2015). This time, the Muslim brand fashion parade was special because it was featured in the New York, USA. The event was part of the inter-religious discussions held Nusantara Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on campaigning face to the world of Islamic Indonesia.

Located in Building 4 W 43rd Street, the fashion show begins at 18:30 local time. The fashion show was attended by approximately 400 people from all walks of life, not only the people of Indonesia. Even some Grosir Kerudung Rabbani Paris Polos Surabaya representatives of international brands, namely Maria Adriana Papell and Dustan of brand Rocawear.

“I do not know fashion hijab can be beautiful and stylish like this,” said Maria.

Received rave reviews from the fashion show was quite positive and festive. “We’re grateful to get applause from the citizens of New York. We wanted to show the face of Islam in the archipelago were cheerful and not rigid, through his fashion,” said Elidawati as leader Benzaya Group which oversees Elzatta.

According to the location display, featuring 22 fashion hijab Elzatta inspired by the distinctive style of the New Yorker. The clothes presented with bright colors and earth tone shades of sunrise. Even so, the clothes are not too crowded because it is offered with a more minimalist pieces. For this collection, Elzatta also offers new material, namely chiffon. Shades of Archipelago titled collection is performed by eight local models.

Elidawati claim to feel happy and relieved with the success of the fashion show. He also hoped that the international community can recognize Indonesian hijab fashionable and rich colors, not merely as dark as the Middle East. The fashion show is also presented in order to strengthen the position of Indonesia as a Muslim fashion mecca of the world.

“I have 25 years of struggling in this industry. We wish ideals of Indonesia to become the world kilbat Muslim clothing can be achieved,” added Elidawati.

Dwayne Myers

Author: Dwayne Myers

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